The right view differs
us from others.

The right view differs
us from others.


“We will not do it without Schmitt NDT.”(French client in Finland)

Our equipment with absolute state-of-the-art devices for mobile use for non-destructive material testing is comprehensive and corresponds to our many years of experience and our continuous optimisation, which is anchored in our company philosophy.

Large order volumes can be processed even at short notice. Many large projects in Germany and abroad prove this. Employees and technology are ready for this.

We deliver the best testing quality with all the relevant testing techniques for use anywhere in the world.

In addition to the fulfilment of our customers projects, we see development in technical areas as our daily responsibility. Constant innovation secures the decisive competitive advantage for our customers.

The opening up of new markets for non-destructive material testing allows new developments for our customers in classic fields as well.

Added value for our customers is created by full service, founded and accredited expertise, efficiency through flexibility, safety due to many years of experience and through performance orientation.

Thanks to the mobile use of our testing technology on site, disassembly and reassembly costs are reduced. In the event of tests during operations, idle times are avoided. Thus, the interruption of operating times is reduced to a minimum.

Schmitt NDT GmbH has monitored and officially approved systems, devices and bunkers for carrying out tests. This also includes handling, transportation and storage approvals for radiographic testing in Germany and abroad.

Without the daily demonstrated flexibility of our staff and all organisational areas of the company, the service according to our understanding cannot be performed. We thus guarantee short-notice testing appointments at all deployment locations, whether underground (mines) or above ground (industrial chimneys).

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